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" Bobsledders "

In 1988 a group of men from Jamaica qualified as bobsledders for the winter olympics. They were considered the “ underdogs “ and on the third attempt they crashed and did not officially finish. They would come back in 1992 in France and finish 25th. In 1994 in Norway they would finish 14th. However in 2000 in Monaco they took home the gold.

My wife calls Sparrows Cottage Films the “ Bobsledders “ because based upon where we are from, who we are and the talent and or lack thereof in the eyes of the world…..we don’t stand a chance. On paper an excellent CPA or advisor would say this is just not possible!

But then one encounter with Jesus changes everything. Faith leads to endless possibilities of just what God can do with a simple “ yes “ in heeding a call. We have seen miracle after miracle happen that lays stone after stone on a foundation of something that is far greater than we could do within ourselves.

God continues to send us His chosen people some experienced and some willing to say “ wherever you go I will follow, send me! “ And through this many are trying new things and succeeding through Jesus Christ. Our story is not completely about the ending but more about the middle. Because each day God performs miracle after miracle.

Yes, it will take four times as long for us to finish a project due to logistics and scheduling around 350 plus people. But then, we are not on our timetable, we are on His and for whoever this opportunity or message of hope is for will come right on time.

So yes I guess we are bobsledders to the filmmaking community but we will show up when He calls, do what we can and allow Him to do the rest. We believe in the verse Philippians 1:6

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

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As long as God is the director, it can not fail!

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