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Do you like Carmel Cake?

I loved my grandmother aka " Nanny. " She was a pistol packing ( no kidding ) straight shooting woman. She would tell you what was in her mind before she realized it.And in doing so made a lot of people mad. But beneath that hard backwoods mentality she was a very kind soul.

But for years my Nanny would make caramel cakes and I would get sick at the thought of eating one. But I did not want to hurt her feelings so I would eat this awful.... tasting..... caramel cake.

My Nanny passed away in 2009. I had moved in with her to help take care of her along with other family members. But three weeks before she past as her mind was beginning to go, God let her mind be sharp for a whole a day. And we laughed and talked about her whipping me ( yes an 80 something whipped a 38 year old ) and how she had been acting throughout dealing with Alzheimer's . She fixed me breakfast and lunch that day and due to the loss of memory she had not cooked a meal in months.

Then the topic of carmel cake came up, and I said “ Nanny, I got to be honest with you. I don’t like caramel cake.... Never have!... never will! But I could not tell you I didn't, for I did not want to hurt your feelings. “ She looked at me and laughed and said “ To be honest, I never did either! I thought you liked them so I made them for you! “

The moral of this story is to be honest with the people around you. If you do not like something, or how a situation is being handled just simply say so. Yes, you do risk upsetting them for the moment but they will get over it and as in the situation with my sweet Nanny she didn't like it either. So you can spare each other a lifetime of making and eating Carmel cakes! We sure do miss our sweet grandmother and she still makes us laugh after all of these years through the memories that we hold so dear. So if ever you are around us and we say " Don't Carmel cake me! " You now know....... what we mean........

John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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