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Everlasting Hope The Series?

We have some exciting news of things that are happening!

For those of you who have just started following us we have been in a forward moving motion going on 7 years. God gave us a beautiful vision of what could/would be, many years ago. However we would have to take a longer path to today.

Getting the awesome opportunity of working with thousands of people, churches, live theater productions, events, non-profits, outreaches and in community efforts has been the greatest experience ever. We have formed some wonderful relationships during this process and it has allowed us to absorb valuable information for the current project we are working on.

We have been patiently waiting and patiently serving, while God moved during these years. We found ourselves in moments of standing at a Red Sea. Moments of wondering how it would all come to be. But it taught us more about faith, hope, love, joy and Jesus. It taught us that there is overflow when it comes to God.

On January 29th we met with our cast, crew, volunteers and our prayer team and shared with them our future. And today we are sharing it with you! Our goal in the beginning was to share short stories to bring hope to the hopeless on many different topics as well as testimonies. As we began to work on our current project we found ourselves shut down like everyone else.

During this delay it would allow us better equipment, time to dig in, better prepare and drew us closer to the mission God had given us. We have built several sets for a sound stage, worked diligently on branding and logos that have been created and other things for more long term use.

Today we are announcing that Everlasting Hope will be a series. It will have a pilot that we are currently filming and afterwards we will transition into 30-45 minute episodes. We are not going after a theatrical experience because God has not called us to that. We feel that we are called to be globalist missionnaires in filmmaking efforts.

Yes! This is a lot more work. And we are in the process of finding a permanent location to house this vision. The Nest Film Makers Academy will continue so as to train, educate and elevate those who desire to walk this path with us. We are creating yet another environment for XP and we will announce what this is at a later date. And it too, is new to our area.

We can not do this alone. It will continue to be a community effort and will be fulfilled through all of the relationships that we have formed through the years. We however will be partnering up with a like minded ministry that gets what we are doing and can help shore our foundation through creativity.

If you would like to be a part of this process we will have opportunities coming up and will be posted on our website. Our email is for contact information.

Please lift us in prayer for the needs that God knows that we have. And thank you all to the community, local churches, businesses, outreaches, nonprofits who have been so faithful in supporting this effort. All of us love you and your hearts and it never will go unnoticed!


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