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Going Bananas

" Going Bananas ? "

Sarah chuckled after hearing that she would bear a son as a senior citizen. Everyone laughed at Noah as year after year he built this massive wooden structure with claims that one day it would float on unseen waters. A group of enslaved found an opportunity to flee their captors but stood at the water's edge thinking now what? Daniel was cast into a den of lions with many thinking that he would be their meal for supper. Jonah found his way into the belly of a large fish and all appeared to be over. And David, David stood in front of a man with a large sword, shield and a height of which there was no chance for him to beat. And then there was Jesus, laying in a borrowed tomb with a stone in front of it…..But what did they all have in common?

They had an opportunity for God to show us His awesome power and glory! Sarah did have that child. Noah did see the rain and the ark sailed the waters. The children of Israel did walk across on dry land. Daniel did survive the lion's den. David did take down Goliath. And Jesus did walk out of that tomb!

Many of us right now, are facing the impossible. On every hand there appears to be little, to no hope. And right now you are in the position for God to show up! Our team has and continues to pray for the impossible to become possible. Yesterday while working in our garden doing our weekly upkeep I noticed some bees swarming one of our plants and I was curious.

Now we live in the hills of East Tennessee, our climate is great for growing banana trees. However they do not have the chance to produce bananas, because fall brings very chilly nights. But I looked up and saw bananas and started laughing and I thought “ the world is coming to an end! “ But then God spoke into my soul “ I will make a way, when it seems there is no way! “ And I began to weep.

Little did I know that my wife had been praying that God would give me a sign of hope for things to come. And He did! ( Hang with me on this) You see before she prayed…..God was already allowing that plant to be growing that bloom...we just could not see it yet. But at the right time God allowed us to look up and see a miracle, a sign of hope.

My ministry partners summed it up like this ( Devin ) “ He’ll cause growth even when we are not in the climate for growth.” and the other ( Ryan ) “ Our surroundings may not be designed to produce fruit. But God chose us to produce in our surroundings. “

Yes it is a rare occurrence to be growing bananas at Sparrows Cottage but we are! Because God loves to show us His glory. And despite what we think is possible. God always has a way of elevating our expectations through signs and wonders, because He is a miracle working God.

So if you too, are going bananas! Expect God to be there in every little detail of the process to your purpose in His call for your life!

Jeremiah 32:27 I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?


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