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Room Full of Miracles

There are a few pictures that will always hang in my office. Some are blurry and hard to make out, but they are reminders of what was taking place at certain moments of our lives. The moment pictured here is a room full of miracles! One individual was diagnosed with a grim diagnosis of cancer back in march, one couple had battled something for years, three of the women in this picture between them have lost four children and a grandchild. One woman carries the scars of being raped. But, Yes! This is a room full of miracles!

I was thinking back the other day about all…. the times I heard no. I remember when God called me to this very unorthodox opportunity in ministry that looked nothing like else that I had ever seen. God had given us a vision and we were trying to figure it all out and many times we had to just rely on total blind faith and make leaps hoping, that God would catch us if we were to fall.

I have looked into countless eyes of people that thought we were crazy. Many would not associate themselves with us just because we did not proudly carry a denominational banner. Some looked at us as uneducated because we did not carry the pedigree from some prestigious bible college.

Our chaplin preached a sermon at a local church the other day on being in the image of God. Basically breaking it down, are we really reflecting the goodness of God through our walk and talk? And as he spoke he talked about when the demon asked this question “ Jesus I know, Paul I know, But who are you? “ I would have to respond with this. I am only what I am, because of, I AM! Nothing more, nothing less! Many will never look upon us as worthy enough to serve in the capacities that God has called us too but He has called us.

And as hard as it has been taking the roads that led us all to this moment pictured here. I am thankful for this group of people for saying “ Yes! “ No is always easy………….but when you say yes, with it comes obedience, sacrifice and service. And this group of people do just that.

God has answered so many prayers this year for us, as a group! And has created new works in ministry and more planned for 2022. We are so thankful and so blessed! We see the water rising and our ark of faith is about to float. And I can not even phantom what God will do this coming year. But I am sure of this, what He does is a perfect work. And though we are not perfect people……we can still serve a perfect God. If God can use an uneducated man with dyslexia, a former alcoholic/addict with a super troubled past, GOD CAN USE YOU!

Say Yes! And see what He too, can do for you and your life. Because there is none righteous no, not one.

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;

I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalms 9:1


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