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Specific Prayer

With a little over 63,000 unifying references to its contents, backing up every word written by 40 authors. The bible contains 66 books with 929 chapters in the old and 260 in the new for a total of 1189. It is a believers reference to any need that will ever come up in their lives. A love letter written for those who feel unloved. A road map to an eternal destiny that awaits us all. But what I love about it most, is that it is a written promise from God to us that despite whatever we are going through…. He…. will be there.

This particular bible belongs to one of the members of our prayer team. And we are blessed to have a group of people from several different denominations that pray “specific” prayers with proven results. What is a specific prayer? It is a bold, courageous and very specific request for a need for a miraculous result. A blanket prayer request is good but sometimes when great needs arise our focus must get more intent in our faith to garner the attention of God.

Phyliss has been battling cancer since March of this year. She has endured surgeries , chemo and other treatments yet I have seen this warrior rise up from the floor of the battlefield with the arrow of prayer in her hand and the bible as her bow to defeat this enemy that attempts to destroy her. Any success that Sparrows Cottage Films has now or in the future will be because of this foundation of prayer prayed by prayer warriors like her.

We love all of our prayer team, volunteers, cast and crew because they are SERVANTS not STARS. And we pray that each one will have success in their callings in life. But we would love to see this one “ Specific “ prayer request be answered because of the promise written in this book in John 16:23-24.

All of the treatments have been working, God has answered and opened doors for miraculous results. But we want to pray Phyliss on through to her reward of a complete healing. And we also request that God grant her a platform to share her testimony to a world who desperately needs some hope and healing.

Will you partner with us in prayer for a complete healing?

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