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We regret to inform you...but

Do you ever look back and see God in every detail of certain situations? I was recently reminded of a letter that I had gotten with what I considered bad news. I was living in Nashville and had made the decision to move back to East Tennessee. I had put in my application with a company and had gone as far as to have 3 interviews with them and just knew that I had the job. So I decided to go ahead, turn in my notice and move on back because it appeared to be a well laid plan and a promising future.

But then I got a letter saying " We regret to inform you, but we have filled the position." To say the least I felt let down and somewhat angered with questions on uncertainty. But I did not see God's full plan. All my life I had the ability to be in very stable jobs with all of the benefits and safety nets that would make someone feel secure but God was teaching me that He would be the only safety net I would ever need.

I would meet my wife around this time and I took a contracted job with another business. My wife, as you well know, is a crucial part of Sparrows Cottage. By taking this other job I knew that I would never be fully vested in this company because it was temporary and it made it easier to accept God’s calling into what we are doing now when that time came as it would.

But we do not always see the big picture in the moment of disappointment. We will lean into the thoughts of despair thinking that we have failed and there is no way out and it's just so unfair. But I want to share with you today that God is a faithful God. He has your future well thought out, planned and it is promised “ If we trust him. “

Looking back today I see every step that led my wife and I to where we are now. Every piece of the puzzle came just when we needed it. And when we pull back for the greater view, we now see the picture of our lives, blessings and calling and God, was in the details.

There are still pieces missing in our puzzle, but we have seen enough to believe that God is not done with us yet. And guess what? He is not done with you yet. Do not be disappointed when God closes doors in your lives. Yet be thankful and have the assurance that something better is just around the corner, because it is!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


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