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Why Not build it?

After finding ourselves in a full year of delay due to the unfortunate happenings of 2020. We decided to build our sets rather than using on-location set options for most of our filming. This would allow us to better control our lighting, sound, time management and quality of the look of our project. We were so blessed to have a talented group of people with live theatre set design building abilities as well as a commercial set builder for big box retailers to lend their efforts in our endeavor. Coming from our region we are not blessed with these types of talented people that you would find in L.A., Atlanta or other areas.

We also had other volunteers who wanted to help that had no experience but were willing to learn. This gave us yet another opportunity to use this time as a teaching opportunity for future projects. So we created The Nest to educate, elevate as well as expose those willing to learn all they could about the inner workings and technical side of filming. The Nest allowed one generation to pass along their knowledge to the next.

We are presently creating the Hope County Sheriff’s Office, jail cells and other office spaces. And we will still use some on set locations for shorter scenes and other needs. Yes, it is a lot more work and has added some time to our schedule. But will it be worth it? We think so!


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