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Casting Calls

We will  be having casting calls for unpaid acting opportunities very soon! Got a talent to act and want to serve? Email us a 2 minute audition video at ! We will be posting specific roles very soon right here!

Drama Students


Opportunities coming soon!


Would you like to be an extra in our productions?


Follow us on Facebook or check be here as to when extras would be needed. These are non paid and non speaking roles for our current productions.  

Film Crew


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Here are some standards that we have set to for our younger actors to allow them to reach their full potential . These guidelines are here to protect them for their safety and well being at all times.  If you or  your child are wishing to participate  these opportunities must be adhered too while one set with not exceptions. 

  1. Parents or guardians must be in line of sight of the child at all times.

  2. Never will any adult be in an intimate setting without parents or guardians.

  3. Parties must fully understand that this is a mission not a stage and is a volunteer role.

  4. Children will be required to remain calm and quiet while on set.

  5. Children will be scheduled to come on set at a specific time, perform the role and exit the set.

  6. Parents and or guardians will have to sign a waiver allowing their child to volunteer their time for this unpaid mission.

  7. A liaison will be required to be on set at all times working with parents and or guardians for the best interest of the child and the production staff.

  8. Unruly and very ambitious young actors cannot be tolerated and not all will be able to be used at times and will be asked to maybe try again in the future and parents must adhere to this rule as well.

  9. Parents or guardians of actors must be of good standing in their church or community.

  10. Social media will be monitored for things that go against our standard of excellence and may harm our image of representing God.

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