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Could she be my wife?

12 years ago on this day I wrote this question on a receipt. For so many years I chased after my desires for what I wanted in life. But when I reached a point in my life where I said “ God, what do you desire for my life? “ He answered that question with Jamie. She was not wrapped in the package that I would have imagined, or at the time I would even thought, or even the place.

But God had created me a woman, just as he had done for Adam. A helpmate, an encourager a person that desired to chase after God no matter the cost. God would require a lot of this woman and knew she could handle the chase for blind faith and the quest of an uncertain future. But she had enough faith that God would see her through.

On the days when I have been ready to give up, she would come to me and say “ Not today! “ We have been called to build this ark and it will float and we will see great miracles. And we have seen great miracles in our lives as a couple. And she is a miracle to me and any of my accomplishments will always have her influence attached to them.

So I got my question answered. She did become my wife. And I tell all of my friends…..say it and write it down. Because when we say it our faith comes alive and when we write it down and God answers it we have proof of the miracle!

I don’t know how she puts up with me and all my crazy, I guess just likes a good challenge. So I pause today and say Thank You Jesus for my sweet little wife!

p.s. I have dyslexia and the question in my head was " Could she be my wife? " :)


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