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Special Night Coming up!

“ How did you all get started filming? ”

When we have been at events, film festivals and in smaller circles people have asked “ How did you all get started in filming? “ I begin to share with them it was not by our own choice in the beginning . As you know we are a middle aged couple, from a little known city. But something happened in this little known city one night that would forever change our lives.

On 4.30.16 over 700 people from different walks of life, races and denominations gathered in a theater with one focus for A Night In Unity. That moment created a movement that has continued to this day. But on that night I knew a lot of people would want to watch what was unfolding in this so-called Unity service.

So I thought we need to stream this on Youtube so that others can be a part of this night as well. This was prior to Facebook having a streaming platform. But every time I tried to borrow cameras none were available. I remember praying to God “ God, you have called us to do this mission and we need cameras! Why will no one allow us to borrow them? “

We ended up purchasing the two very cheap camcorders that you see pictured here and with primitive means we streamed this night. The stream would be very poor, the appearance very unprofessional and the sound not very good. But we were able to share this night…..

During this journey we met so many wonderful people serving God but they were going unnoticed. So we decided to start an online show called Sparrows Cottage Live. Through this, we were able to showcase and highlight all the good going on in our region. We also were able to raise thousands of dollars for these organizations to continue their good works.

Then one day God called us to create a short story that led to a film that has now led to the series Everlasting Hope. We could not be doing what we are doing were it not for that night . Because on that night we would meet the stories, the people and the places that you will see in this series. God would continue to provide better equipment in the years to come. And we continue to stand in amazement of just how much that God can do with so little.

On May 1 2022 we will again meet for A Night In Unity. This night will not be livestreamed for now most know who and what we are. It will be a wonderful night of fellowship and getting to see our kind friends and hopefully meet some new ones as well. A lot of the cast, crew, prayer team and volunteers will be a part of this night. We would love to have you come and celebrate with us on this night.

May 1 2022, 6 PM at 213 E Center Street Kingsport TN thank you to ReNEWed Church for hosting us on this night they are a great partner in this kingdom work.


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