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" Looking for a heart "

May 24, 2018 My wife and I visited a theme park with our son and were awaiting his return from hanging out with his friends. He had sent a note that he would meet us around 6:30 pm. So it was getting hot and I said " call him let's head on out of here. " So she called and got no answer.

We decided to go over and hang out by one of the water rides and sit and chill. My wife soon noticed a young man’s hat laying on the ground so she picked it up and placed it on a fence post. But then went back and moved it so it could be seen if someone would come back to try to find it.

A few minutes later, sure enough, a family comes back and finds and appears to be trying to figure out how the ball cap ended up on a fence post. So my wife goes over and explains that she had found it and thought it would be easier for someone to spot it on the post and as she is talking to the lady she looks at my wife and spots her shirt and says....

This morning I got up and God laid it on my heart that today I was to find someone with a heart, and I see that you have a heart on your shirt. Jamie then proceeds to explain the heart and what it all stood for. She then says I have got to share something with you. So my wife hollers at me to come over and I have my camera in my hand getting ready to take a picture because she can meet the most random people and I was going to take a snapshot of the moment....well...

I then go over and see this wonderful family all smiles, talking and my wife catches me up on what is going down.She again proceeds to tell us that God had laid it on her heart to search for a heart today and that she was the person that God had sent her too.

She said "God wanted me to tell you that He is proud of you and wants you to stay the course" She then proceeded to tell us that " that there was blooming taking place " and continued to speak into our lives things that only we knew of and just had been talking of a few hours before. She and her family then placed their hands upon us and began to pray over us right in the middle of the theme park.

I then told her that we had just started on a journey last week that was new and I handed her a business card, the only one that I had in my pocket. What she did not know was that my wife had started to the car when we left this morning and had gone back into the house to change shirts and could not find her shirt so she had worn the Sparrows Cottage t-shirt instead. We soon found out her family had similar interests as our family and she was in the arts and was a dance teacher as well.

We went our separate ways after a divine moment and sat down to take it all in when I noticed a bird on the roof of the building and God reminded me again that His eye is on the sparrow. Then a cloud appeared and it began to rain and if anyone close to us there is a story behind " There is a cloud " that goes back over many times in our ministry when God speaks there is always a rain that follows. And yes a rainbow followed and the sun sat in a golden glow.

Now I know some of you think it crazy, all to be a circumstance. But God sent a family from South Carolina to tell us that He loved us and He wanted to get our attention and let us know that we are special in His eyes. So we go to bed tonight encouraged that tomorrow is a new day and that our God is a God who will go that extra step just to say I Love You.

And to Regina! Thank You for doing something crazy and just following God's lead.


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